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Latest Blog Posts

Beauty of Diving Silence, the Reason why I Dive

Sander has been diving from a very young age. His experience in the water means he is a valuable  instructor at Davy Jones Locker. In this article for the DJL blog Sander describes the feeling of calm and relaxation when he is underwater. He calls it the beauty of diving silence. Beauty of Diving Silence, the Reason why I DiveRead More

Buceo Con Visibilidad Reducida

Como ya sabrás el buceo es una de las actividades mas enriquecedoras que puedes hacer en este planeta llamado Tierra, ya que mas del 80 por ciento de la superficie esta cubierta de agua. Buceo Con Visibilidad ReducidaRead More

Deep Diving Courses – Taking Things to New Depths!

What are the options for training to dive deeper? DJL Instructor Shaun gives the info on the deep diving courses available at Davy Jones Locker. All divers, new, experienced and the professional all have one thing in common. They want to go deeper! There is something about the dark unknown depths of the ocean that we can’t help but feel attracted to. The anticipation about that extended descent to the dive site. The excitement when you finally reach the bottom, looking up and seeing the people on the surface the size of ants. And the array of different fish species calling the greater depths their home! Deep Diving Courses – Taking Things to New Depths!Read More

Koh Tao Marine Life, here's my top 10!

DJL diving instructor Jana gets to see quite a few sea creatures in her line of work. But she has her favourites and is sharing her top 10 Koh Tao marine life creatures to see when diving. A special thanks for the photos also goes to Harriet Muir-Little from Koh Tao Pro-Video. Contact  for more details about diving on Koh Tao. "There are so many amazing fish to see in the water surrounding Koh Tao that is makes it hard to choose a top 10. But I thought I would share with you some of the most popular marine life there is to see here. For when you head here on your next diving adventure! …
Banner Fish
Koh Tao Marine Life, here's my top 10! Banner fish like to show off their good looks with black, white and yellow stripes and one dainty long white dorsal fin chasing behind them.
Trigger Fish
Koh Tao Marine Life, here's my top 10! Trigger fish are cartoon like tropical fish with bright colours. They are very cool to look at, yet can be quite aggressive when guarding their eggs. Beware not to go too close, as they can be known to have a fearsome bite!
Blue Spotted Stingray
Koh Tao Marine Life, here's my top 10! The blue spotted stingray can be caught lurking round the depths of Koh Tao’s ocean floor, or hiding under rocks and coral beds. Its body colour is a dark green, with eye catching bright blue polka dots. They are quite placid creatures who’s vibrant tail is twice the size of its body . They are exciting to spot around any of the dive sites at Koh Tao!
Hermit Crabs
Koh Tao Marine Life, here's my top 10! Hermit crabs spend their lives carrying around a protective shell which they hide inside of . Hermit crabs can be quite competitive as shells aren’t always easy to find So hermit crabs can fight or even kill to get the shell they are after! These cuties love a late night out, and are more commonly seen strutting their stuff in the evening, carrying their mobile home along with them. Look out for these guys on a night dive!
Whale Shark
Koh Tao Marine Life, here's my top 10! The whale shark is the largest fish in the world. The average whale shark is around 9metres, with whale sharks up to 18metres in length having been sighted. They live similar age to humans, around 70 to 100 years. Personally i still believe them to be a mythical creature as I have not yet come across one. But I hear those lucky enough to see them are blown away by their magnificence. Whale Sharks can be spotted all year round. Athough the main Whale Shark seasons in Koh Tao is from March - June and October - December.
Koh Tao Marine Life, here's my top 10! Koh Tao means Turtle Island. Some say this is from the shape of the island from a certain view looks like the shape of a turtle. Or perhaps that the island was at one point highly inhabited by turtles. Although turtles spend a lot of their life underwater, they also breathe air, so spend time surfacing to take breaths.
Moray Eel
Koh Tao Marine Life, here's my top 10! These slender, graceful creatures have a snake like appearance, with sharp teeth, and a wide jaw and often patterned. They have tiny eyes, so find their prey by their keen sense of smell. They like hiding behind rocks and crevices where they wait for their prey to swim past ready to attack! Moray eels are not aggressive, but like all marine creatures they should be left alone. A Moray could leave a harmful bite if bothered.
Sea Snake
Koh Tao Marine Life, here's my top 10! Sea snakes have paddle-like tails, and are excellent swimmers. They live in the ocean, eat in the ocean, and have their young in the ocean. They are unable to slither on land, but do go up to the surface to breathe. Most sea snakes are quite gentle, and will only bite when provoked. A sea snake bite can cause sever symptoms including nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, weakness, paralysis, and sometimes even death. Although many sea snakes will not have teeth sharp enough to bite through a humans skin!
Juvenile Harlequin Sweetlips
Koh Tao Marine Life, here's my top 10! Harlequin Sweetlips changes colour as it matures. In its juvenile stage it looks brown with white dots, as an adult its body changes to white with black dots.
Koh Tao Marine Life, here's my top 10! Nudibranchs are shell less mollusks, part of the sea slug family, coming in a zillion colours, shapes and forms. There are currently around 2,300 known species of nudibranch."Read More

Buoyancy Control, dive like a pro !

DJL diving instructor James returned to Koh Tao to help us out after spending some time in Australia. While he was here he wrote an article for the DJL blog with some great tips about perfecting buoyancy control. Buoyancy training can be included as part of the Advanced Open Water course or as a separate Speciality course. For more details about this contact us here and our staff will be happy to answer any questions. "Pinpoint buoyancy control separates the dive paddlers from the pros and elite divers. It all begins with the fine tuning of your weighting system which can take several dives to get right. By carrying just the right amount of weight, you would float at eye level holding a normal breath with a completely empty BCD and with your tank at around 50 bar as this is when you should surface and the tank is near its most buoyant. In turn this will result in you requiring the smallest amount of BC inflation, less drag and more efficient fining. With less BC inflation comes less buoyancy shift with depth, so you'll make fewer adjustments. Buoyancy Control, dive like a pro !Read More
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