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Ocean Conservation, the Problem with Plastic

Ocean Conservation projects are working hard to reduce the amount of plastic entering our seas. It takes hundreds of years to break down and can cause injury or death to marine life that come into contact with it. Davy Jones Locker instructor Shaun describes the problems facing the oceans and how we sometimes contribute to it. ocean conservation the problem with plastic  
Ocean Conservation and Plastic Consumption
It is easy for the general public to get complacent about waste management. Getting that extra straw from 711 which you don't end up using and then throwing it in the bin. Thinking that is dealing with it responsibly – out of sight, out of mind. The unfortunate reality is that what appears to be a minute piece of plastic ends up washing into our waterways and accumulates in our oceans at an alarming rate. To put it in perspective scientists estimate that 1 plastic bag can take up to 500 years to break down in our oceans, 500 years for 1 plastic bag! I know shop staff offer me at least 10 on a daily basis!
Koh Tao Ocean Conservation
Living in a country as amazing as Thailand and lucky enough to be on one of its most beautiful islands, Koh Tao, the issue of waste management is a high priority. On Koh Tao we are lucky enough to have a passionate community who are dedicated to controlling the amount of waste that is produced and promoting the use of recyclable and non plastic packaging. For example, check out the Save Koh Tao organization. But unfortunately a small community can not change the effects of a society that has not come to terms with the severity of this issue. It takes every one of us throughout the world to do their part. Say no to plastic bags and straws. Insist on recyclable fast food containers. Do not buy products with excess packaging. Write to your local government about corporations that do not follow international standards on correct packaging procedures.
Do you really need that plastic item?
That little straw or bag that no one thought could do any damage when throwing it in the bin, or even worse on the ground. It may end up in our oceans and will look very tasty to our marine life. Please don’t let it be the straw that kills the next sea turtle. Or the bag that gets stuck in the next whale sharks' stomach causing it to not be able to eat. For one little lapse in judgment could cause the end of a beautiful creatures life. If you want to get involved and make a difference, speak to your local dive center. Maybe organize a dive site clean up. Involve your friends, customers and local businesses and start to make a difference.Read More

PADI IDC, Are You Ready For The Next Step?

How do you know if you should take that next step and do your PADI IDC?
So you’ve just completed your PADI Divemaster course, it’s achieved, it’s done and dusted. But how do you know if you should take that next step and do your PADI IDC? After having the time of your life becoming a PADI Divemaster, diving everyday, assisting with courses, and spending every minute in the deep blue sea, you are feeling you are ready to take your diving to another level. But what’s next? Where to go from here? The idea of going on to do your IDC is a great option to consider. [caption id="attachment_55755" align="aligncenter" width="900"]PADI IDC, Are You Ready For The Next Step Photo by Sarah, Koh Tao Provideo[/caption] Read More

Whale Shark joins us for a Dive!

Why do some people love scuba diving? There are a variety of reasons, for example the peace and tranquility underwater. Another aspect is the chance for exploration you get when penetrating wrecks and caves.  For the majority of divers however, one reason which everyone agrees on is the abundance of marine life. Recently around Koh Tao there have been whale shark sightings. Having the opportunity to swim with some of these creatures is an amazing experience. Getting this close to nature in it's own habitat can be humbling and overwhelming.
So this is what happened...
Read More

Scuba Diving - 10 Reasons Why I Love It !

What is it about scuba diving that makes some people keep coming back for more? While it can be a great recreational hobby it also offers an amazing lifestyle if you get professional qualifications. Jana is a diving instructor at DJL and came through our divemaster and instructor internship programmes. She gives her top 10 reasons why scuba diving has become a passion for her. Scuba Diving - 10 Reasons Why I Love It !
Photo by Lawrence from Mike Ball, Australia
Read More

Hydration, why it's important for diving

Davy Jones Locker instructor Dani explains the importance of hydration for divers and the best ways to stay hydrated when going out for a day of diving. Hydration, why it's important for diving
Importance of staying hydrated
We all understand at this point during our lives that hydration is important to stay alive! The more hydrated we are the better we feel, same as the less hydrated we are the worse we feel. As scuba diving is an inwater activity people assume we need less water than maybe a runner or cyclist needs.... think again! Hydration is a massively important part of a divers life and it is so important for us to stay hydrated when we dive. Read More
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