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Latest Blog Posts

Air Consumption Tips from Rich!

Air consumption tips from Rich !Davy Jones Locker instructor Rich (or Dick to his friends) is one of our longest serving diving instructors. He is definitely the right person to give advice breathing underwater so here's a list of his top air consumption tips.
Dicks Top Air Consumption Tips!
How not to SUCK when your diving. As you may or may not know, breathing is quite an important part of life. AND as diving is life, it makes sense that this fact applies while diving! Read More

Great Barracuda, join them on a night dive

Great Barracuda, join them on a night diveRecently Davy Jones Locker diving instructor Matt wrote an article for the DJL blog. Barracuda and Diving describes the four different breeds of barracuda that can be found off the coast of Koh Tao. DJL instructor Rich has since followed up on this with an article that concentrates on one these breeds, the Great Barracuda.
The Great Barracuda
Taking a break from Dicks Top Tips I have decided to write a little about my favourite ever creature to see on a dive...... The Great Barracuda!!!! The Great Barracuda is a large fish. When they reach maturity the usually reach up to a metre in length. Their weight can be anything from 2.5 to 9.0 kg. The biggest recorded however, caught on rod-and-reel weighed 46.72 k. Its' length was measured at 1.7 metres while an even bigger specimen measured 2 metres and weighed 50 kg. Read More

Colours Underwater and why they change

colours underwaterMany people don't realise the effect that depth has on colours underwater. DJL instructor Dani explains why the brightness of colours decreases the deeper you dive.
Colours underwater
"So, one of the first things a new scuba diver may notice is the surprising lack of color, it may not be apparent on the first few dives as they are focusing on everything else around them. However the more you dive the more you notice the distinct lack of colour underwater the deeper you go. Read More

Koh Tao, Life on a Tropical Island

koh tao life on a tropical islandKoh Tao has a large amount of dive schools on the island and has built its' reputation on this. As result there are always plenty of travellers passing through. However the people who end up staying for at least a few months find it surprising that there is so much else available in such a small place. Reading reviews and checking out clips on Youtube doesn't give a complete impression of what the island offers. Popular parts of the island with easy access and lively nightlife don't make up the whole of Koh Tao. It is only by speaking to people after arriving and taking time to explore that people really get to see what variety there is here. Read More

Le Cours Advanced Open Water, 2eme partie

Le Cours Advanced Open Water, 2eme partie : A quoi ca sert ?Le Cours Advanced Open Water, 2eme partie : A quoi ca sert ?
Le benefice de cette formation est tres important. Chacune des 5 plongees va vous rendre plus competent.
La plongee d'Orientation sous-marine :
Au cours de cette plongee, vous allez apprendre a vous orienter sous l'eau. Vous serez ainsi capable a l'avenir de retrouver le bateau ou votre point de depart, quel qu'il soit. L'utilisation de la boussole d'abord est expliquee en detail. Vous devrez par vous meme, fort des explications donnees, vous rendre dans une direction imposee et revenir au point de depart en ligne droite. Vous devrez ensuite realiser un carre sous l'eau dont la longueur des cotes sera indiquee par votre instructeur et etre capable d'arriver a revenir a l exact point de depart. L'utilisation des references naturelles vous sera de meme enseignee : comment se reperer grace au soleil, a la forme et au contour du fonds marin, au courant etc... Read More
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