22nd August 2017

fostering puppy koh tao djl blog

Fostering a puppy and being a scuba instructor is a big job that certainly shouldn’t be taken lightly, this is my experience of fostering a 3 month old puppy on Koh Tao whilst still teaching people how to scuba dive.

16th August 2017

djl blog perfectiong your buoyancy

Whether you are new to diving or a veteran, buoyancy control is something you should strive to improve. As a new diver, learning buoyancy is your key to greater control in the water. It reduces your air consumption and improves your safety in the water. As a more advanced diver great buoyancy is pretty much essential for more challenging dives such as wreck and cavern diving. Photographers will benefit from rock steady positioning in the water and at the most challenging extreme, technical diving requires on point buoyancy control to ensure accurate decompression.

6th August 2017

djl blog diver on toilet

For most of us, sitting down on the latrine is a private moment to spend with ourselves; so what do you do whilst answering the call of nature?

Different people tend to do different things, most seem to centre on these common choices: read a book or magazine, catch up on emails, play a game on your phone, write slanderous claims about colleagues appended with their phone number on the wall or even just sit there in quiet contemplation enjoying not being in contact with your phone, family, friends or work life.

31st July 2017 

ed scuba diving

Working as a PADI scuba diving instructor at Davy Jones Locker on Koh Tao in Thailand and teaching all of the PADI recreational dive courses is rewarding enough, but once in a while it is nice to have the opportunity to do something a little different. As well as teaching people to scuba dive DJL is a global leader in training professional divers through our Divemaster and Diving Instructor development programs.

24th July 2017

2017 07 17 hayden advanced open water course djl diving koh tao

DJL Instructor Stew has been working for us for a while now. It's fair to say he knows his way around the island and has settled into Koh Tao living. He's given us a list of his favourite things about staying on this special island we call home.


13th June 2017

Changing winds, changing sides. But nevertheless happy minds!


Its about that time of the year again! A fresh, new breeze swiftly comes over Koh Tao. The wind, that normally comes from a eastern direction, drops and the wind starts to come from the west. Wind has a great effect on waves and the visibility under water. As the waves become bigger, maneuvering the boat on the western side becomes difficult. As the wind becomes stronger, the visibility starts to drop.

4th June 2017

group shot of the team on the pulau moyo expedition 

Pulao Moyo is an island in Indonesia’s West Nusa Tengara province, just off the north coast of Sumbawa island. A few of us from Davy Jones Locker, Koh Tao had the chance to head to the dive camp of Davy Jones’s newest location in Indonesia. 

30th May 2017

As a Diving Instructor on Koh Tao you get to teach lots of different kinds of customers, mostly depending on the season. In the summer you get more familys. In the early months of the year the Scandinavians visit, then, after summer the European backpackers. There are always exceptions to this rule however. Sometimes, out of nowhere you get to teach a Junior Open Water course! Around two weeks ago I got one of these chances. Scott Wade has taken a number courses with us here at DJL, including his Divemaster and Tec 50. This time he brought his little son over to get into diving. This young lad, named Ozzy, was full of enthusiasm from the start. It was a little quiet at this time, so when the opportunity arose to teach the course I jumped straight on it! Not only can the kids learn a lot from you. In my opinion you can also improve your own teaching a lot while teaching youngsters.

20th May 2017

underwater compass

Buying lunch or going somewhere sociably usually connects known and sometimes special friends together on a very fundamental level.

But how do we manage to get together in the first place?

How do we end up in the same restaurant, beach or bar at the same time?

It may sound silly but we navigate our way there.