Pulau Moyo Expedition May 2017

4th June 2017

group shot of the team on the pulau moyo expedition 

Pulao Moyo is an island in Indonesia’s West Nusa Tengara province, just off the north coast of Sumbawa island. A few of us from Davy Jones Locker, Koh Tao had the chance to head to the dive camp of Davy Jones’s newest location in Indonesia. 



If you were to say Moyo is secluded, this would be an understatement. Four days of diving crystal clear waters with 70m visability, with not another diver in sight. We dove 3-4 times per day, including the optional night dive.


turtle swimming during a dive off moyo island


Fish absolutely everywhere covering the ocean, some highlights of our dives included turtles, eagle rays, black tipped reef sharks, bump head parrot fish, and inquisitive giant puffer fish.


aerial view of the djl dive boat Pulau Moyo


We felt like the only ones in the ocean, as the dive boat drifted through this empty paradise. The trip also included a visit to the stunning Mata Jitu waterfall deserted and picturesque.


Mata Jitu waterfall


The trip is an absolute must do for any diver! We will definitely be going back.

Shaun & Jana