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PADI Rescue Diver & Emergency First Responder


PADI EFR & Rescue Diver Course

@ DJL Diving Resort, Sairee Beach

Rescue Diver Package includes:

  • EFR Course [1 day] + Rescue Diver Course [3 days]


  • EFR  Manual & PADI Rescue Diver eManual + certifications


  • 4 nights accommodation on Sairee Beach, Koh Tao

12,500 baht

*(if you want a paper manual to keep then there is an additional charge of 500 baht)


dive-internship-lozenge.gifPADI Rescue Diver Course, Koh Tao Thailand

Up till now your training has focused on making you a better diver. Now it's time to think about everyone else!

We start with a one day CPR and first aid qualification. You watch a video during the morning, then undertake a practical session in the afternoon learning the steps you take in dealing with an accident. This includes assessing the scene, alerting EMS, checking for breathing, circulation, serious bleeding, spinal injuries and shock then progressing onto secondary care. This is followed by a written exam.

The rescue course occupies the following three days - academics each morning and water work in the afternoons. On the first day of rescue we look at surface problems, tired and panicked divers, rescues where you can remain on the boat and others where you need to enter the water. We also take our first look at coping with an unconscious diver at the surface, and inventory all the objects on the boat which might be useful in an emergency.

PADI-instructor-lozenge.gifOn day two we move into underwater problems - sorting out divers who are overexerted, have bad buoyancy or are out of air. We practice solving these problems during the 'disaster dive' where we'll simulate situations for you to deal with. We then start to look at how to manage an emergency, run search patterns and surface an unconscious diver, plus make an egress to the boat.

Day three starts with a review of the skills you've learned, then progresses into final scenarios. You will be in charge of the boat, your instructor and other DJL staff will simulate problems which you will have to manage. Expect the worst - swimmers getting hit by drifting jellyfish, missing divers, unconscious victims and more. . .

The PADI Rescue Diver Course is hard work, but great fun.

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