Cost: 6,000 thb

I am Adrien D'orlencourt, I m 25 years old, I discovered scuba diving since I am and discovered freediving early in France, where I am from. I remember it like it was yesterday, between 2 breaths... : At the surface, floating, lying on my back, I can feel the sunshine on my face, carried by the waves, earring the birds, the sounds of the swell, ... Then I take a last breath, turning my self facing the bottom, looking into the blue and going down. I am swimming with power, moving thru the water like a aquatic creature who belonged a long time ago , to the seas. My motion is fluid, I can feel the pressure, the depths, attracting me as I am gaining speed. At this stage I don't even need to swim anymore, I am freefalling into the blue. Then I arrive on the sand. I am looking at the surface,and smile... I don't feel the need to breathe,nether going back up to the surface... I feel good. Then it's the marine life I discovered from an new eye. The fishes around became suddenly curious, and let me then approach them a lot closer, as I am not making songs, Any bubbles, any stress, The way of moving underwater is natural, light like a feather, a sensation of freedom like I never felt before. Jest the ocean and I in this fragrance of time. I stop, close my eyes,listen to my body, I can feel my heartbeat easily,slow and calm. Then I start my ascend ...... you are looking for a new adventure, wanna understand more about your body, and discover the sea from an other perspective ? Choose the best one by becoming a fish and find back our aquatic legacy with the inner marine mamal sleeping within you. Come to Davy Jones locker. We guarantee you results after the first day. Or passionated and experienced instructors will assure you an unforgettable experience. A new lifestyle, will bring your diving skills to the next level. Here at DJL come and ask about freediving.

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