Green Rock

Green Rock (North West Corner of Nangyuan Island)

Rating    8 / 10   
Journey Time    25 minutes
Max Depth    24 metres
Level of Diver    Open Water Upwards
Snorkeling    Not Great

Description: Single large rock pinnacle rising to within a few feet of the surface. Many scattered rocks and boulders at it's base creating a fantastic maze of caves and swim throughs.

Marine Life Highlights: Green Rock is the tiggerfish ghetto of Koh Tao - you can observe both Titan and Yellow Margin Triggerfish in their nests around the pinnacle.

If lucky you can sea banded sea snakes and hawskbill turtles around Green Rock.

Corals: Mixed hard corals such as lobe and brain corals grow over the rocks. Deeper down there are masses of mushroom corals, plus even deeper soft white corals.

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