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                              Davy Jones Locker Divemaster: Keiran from Koh Tao ProVideo on Vimeo.



Dan Jones

Here's what ex student Dan had to say about his time spent with DJL...

Divemaster DanI fancied a career break and wanted to travel but gain some qualifications at the same time. DJL is perfect for this!!! I travelled on my own and the staff provided perfect instructions to get to the island of Koh Tao. The accomodation is perfect and the food is second to none. All the instructors on the course have their own styles which will cater for everyone. It sounds cliche but I cannot stress enough how this experience will change you as a person. Some of the lads I met in Koh Tao were just out of school and taking a gap year. After finishing their Dive Master internship they developed so many skills which will credit them for life.

There are so many activities to keep you busy during the day (if your not diving!) Cliff diving, volleyball, tanning, you can even hire a jet ski!!

DJL has fantastic facilities for diving, the boat is spacious and comfortable, the range of courses is endless. I seriously recommend the deep spec course with Simon. Hit a depth of 45m and was probably the highlight of my trip. Look out for the elusive growler fish, definately not to be missed.

My brother has just left school and is heading out to Koh Tao in March and I really encourage anyone else who is thinking of doing this to take the plunge!


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Interns Adrien and Jacob





                              Davy Jones Locker Instructor: Adrien from Koh Tao ProVideo on Vimeo.





Ex Scuba Diving Intern Jacob shares diving internship experiences from Koh Tao                                                     

Name:Jacob Brown



British (Yorkshire)

What were you doing before you joining the PADI Divemaster Scuba Diving Internships on Koh Tao?

I was at college, me and two friends decided that we wanted to go travelling. We decided that the best thing to do was to do something constructive, travelling is fun but when the stories have been told of your journey all you have left are memories, with the Divemaster course I have the memories but I also have a career and an opportunity to work in amazing places all over the world. So we got in touch with DJL via Phil, he just writes emails all day. After we left college we got jobs and saved the money to come to Koh tao.


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Interns Jessica and Ronan



                              Davy Jones Locker Divemaster: Jessica from Koh Tao ProVideo on Vimeo.



Ex Scuba Diving Intern Ronan shares diving internship experiences from Koh Tao  Ronan

Name:Ronan Flynn


Nationality: Irish



What were you doing before you joining the PADI Divemaster Scuba Diving Internships on Koh Tao?

Taught English in Korea for a year.

What Aspects of the scuba diving internships did you enjoy most?

Life on the boat was great, always a laugh and hanging out with all the other divers and living the easy life....

The dive shop was cool, again, sound people, easy to work with and get along with. Great social scene on the island, the people living there are cool, and meeting people is easy. Great craic, always a laugh to be had.


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Intern Mitch



Scuba Diving Intern Mitch shares his gap year Divemaster experiences from Koh Tao:

Name:Mitch Lawson





Mitch Liveaboard

What were you doing before you joining the PADI Divemaster Scuba Diving Internship on Koh Tao?

I was studying at Lboro University whilst at the same time a member of Typhoon Squadron preparing me for Sandhurst .

What is your overall opinion of your scuba diving internship with DJL Diving?

I could not have asked for more from the diving at DJL. I was given the chance to explore a site outside of Koh Tao which was amazing. All the instructors at the shop have tonnes of experience each in their own speciality of diving. I did my intro to tech diving down to 45 meteres very early on and onto a wreck found by DJL.

All the recreational diving is always reallly chilled out and everybody enjoying themselves whilst still getting the serious points across and what needs to be learnt. The benefit of DJL having their own RIB and commitment to always doing something new meant I got to gain a lot of experience fairly early on.

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