Chumphon Pinnacles

Chumphon Pinnacles (North West of Koh Tao)
Rating    9 / 10   
Journey Time    45 minutes
Max Depth    35 metres
Level of Diver    Open Water Upwards
Snorkeling    No

Description: Spectacular granite pinnacles extending up from around 30 metres to within 14 metres of the surface.

Marine Life Highlights: Look out for big grey reef scuba sharks, vast shoals of chevron barracuda, plus giant grouper hanging out around the base of the pinnacles, especially around barracuda rock. The tops of the pinnacles have masses of magnificent anemones and pink anemone fish covering them, plus lots of batfish. Chumphon Pinnacles is also one of the best chances you'll have of seeing a whale shark around Koh Tao!

Corals: Scattered whip corals cover the pinnacle, plus large barrel sponge structures.

Other Features: Due to it's exposed location this site can suffer moderate currents, but normally has excellent visibility.

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