PADI Divemaster Course

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The PADI Divemaster course includes; 

  • 4-6 week Divemaster course including:
  • Academics, training exercises and course assists etc
  • All student materials (Divemaster Crewpack)

38,000 baht (Including Divemaster Crewpack)

Without Divemaster Crewpack 30,000 baht 

Pre - Requisites for this course are as follows:

  • You must be 18 years old
  • You must have 40 logged dives
  • You must be qualified to Rescue Diver level or equivalent with a current EFR certification or equivalent

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The first professional level in diving is a big step up. By the end of the PADI Divemaster course you will be qualified to lead certified divers, assist instructors with student diver training, organize diving logistics (such as arranging equipment, diver flow and delivering briefings) plus conduct refresher courses for divers that have had an extended period without diving.

At DJL you will become part of our team. You will get a real insight into how the shop runs and as time passes will adopt more and more responsibility, becoming a critical member of our diving staff. Taking a training internship to become a dive professional is a serious commitment - at the end of the course we are signing to say that you are capable of looking after other divers. As such you should enter this program understanding the level of commitment needed to succeed.

This doesn't mean that we don't have fun! On the contrary, I and many other dive pros remember our Divemaster Trainee (DMT) days as some of the best we've had! It's a fantastic moment when you make the transition from being just another diver, to someone that customers are looking to as an example and turning to for advice and guidance.

The duration of this internship is one or two months, depending on you! The minimum number of dives required to pass is sixty, but at DJL you should expect to leave with more than 100.

We cover a wide range of detailed diving theory such as physics, physiology, dive equipment, environmental considerations, industry and agency standards which we have to operate within and decompression theory.

Included in your PADI Divemaster course you'll get your own copy of all the student materials that you need, these are 8,000 baht of the 38,000 baht Divemaster course price. That includes:

  • PADI Divemaster & Instructor Manual
  • PADI Encylopedia of recreational diving
  • PADI Electronic Recreational Dive Planner [ERDP/ML]
  • PADI Scuba Tune Up Guide
  • PADI Divemaster Slates

What's not included:

Divemaster membership application fee (this is paid directly to PADI when you complete the course which is currently $187 Australian dollars, this may change without notice)

Accommodation, however we can book you into one of the places we use for the Internship accommodtion with fan from 6,500 baht per month or with AC from 13,000 baht per month.

Equipment, you are welcome to use your own diving equipment if you have brought it with you or if you would like to purchase equipment once you arrive you can buy it at a discounted rate as part of one of our divemaster internship packages. The internship package also includes payment of PADI fees and unlimited fun diving for life! at Davy Jones Locker. Alternatively if you don't need your own equipment we do have equipment available to rent at a cost of 6000 thb per month and you are able to use this equipment for the entire course and for the unlimited fun diving you have for the duration of the divemaster course.

During the Divemaster course

The Divemaster course is accompanied with a comprehensive program of water work.

You'll take part in several skills circuits, getting your demonstrations up to instructor standard. You'll also map a dive site, undertake an underwater equipment exchange with another diver whilst buddy breathing, make an emergency assistance plan for Koh Tao and complete a number of stamina exercises. You don't need to be an Olympic swimmer, but you do need to comfortable in the water. You'll practice underwater navigation and get to know the dive sites around Koh Tao - by the end of the course you'll be leading our customers on guided dives, briefing them, controlling them in the water and showing then all the great marine life around the sites.

The biggest section of the internship is to assist our instructors with student divers in training. You'll help out on Open Water courses, advanced courses and even rescues. You'll witness all sorts of student diver difficulties which will prepare you for life after graduation - if you can deal with these you can deal with anything!

The way we structure the course is that you'll be assigned to one instructor as your mentor. They'll make sure you are getting everything you need and are progressing through your course. We'll mix up the academics and water work so that your course is balanced. If you have areas which need improvement, we can put extra work as you progress.

When assisting on courses you'll get to work with all our instructors, along with students from all over the world. One of the best things about being a dive professional is the rich variety of people that you come into contact with!

Evening time all the staff and customers head down to our bar to watch the days diving video, savor a few cold beers or enjoy the fantastic Sairee Beach sunsets!

After you graduate, the choice is yours! You can stick around on Koh Tao and find work as a Divemaster. At DJL we make a big effort to employ good DMC graduates.

You also have a great means of visiting some of the world's most beautiful spots, finding work where other people only ream of traveling - Thailand, The Philippines, Australia, Mexico, The Caribbean or Red Sea . . . . up to you! You may choose to make the step up to instructor or take a course to become an underwater videographer - the possibilities are endless.


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