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D112a PADI Discover scuba diving course

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Single afternoon intro dive which include:

  • Scuba Diving Theory Session
  • Shallow water skills & intro dive [max 12 metres]
  • Option to continue with PADI Open Water Course

Duration: 1/2 a Day,

Price: 2,500 baht

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Optional additional second dive an additional 1,000 baht

Every afternoon at Sairee Beach, Koh Tao we run Discover Scuba Diving courses. We start in the morning at 10am with a thorough briefing covering how scuba diving equipment works and what will happen when we go underwater. We explain some safe diving practices and describe the marine life we expect to see.

Next we get in the swimming pool for a confined space session before heading out to sea. We'll begin by demonstrating some skills in very shallow water such how to clear your mask and regulator. You'll practice these skills under the close supervision of your instructor, then we’ll head out on the dive boat out to a shallow bay such as Aow Leuk or the Japanese Gardens.

You can dive right down to a maximum depth of 12 metres - expect to see lots of colorful reef fish such as butterfly, angelfish and longfin bannerfish and a vast variety of bright corals. Your dive should last for around 45 minutes depending on how relaxed you are. You have the option to make an additional dive on the same afternoon for 1,000 baht extra. This will be at an even more adventurous dive site, such as Twins or White Rock.

If you decide that's enough diving for one day you can check out the snorkeling or relax on the boat.

If you really enjoy your dives and want more, this experience can be used to credit towards the PADI Open Water Diver Course.

At DJL Diving, if you want to continue with the PADI Open Water course you get a 1,000 baht discount off the cost of the Open Water course

Please check the PADI medical guide by clicking here to ensure that the that there is nothing that will prevent you in taking this course.


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