Cavern and Cave Diving courses

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If you like the idea of exploring confined spaces and really testing your diving skills then learning to penetrate a cave ticks all these boxes. These underwater environments are places that are only visited by a select few who have the required skill and experience. At DJL we offer ANDI certication with Bruce Konefe conducting courses.

The different levels of cavern and cave diving certification are listed below.

Level 2 Cavern Diver course.

The cavern diver course is a 3 or 4 day course that involves penetration of a cavern while remaining in the daylight zone. You will be taught safety based skills such as out of air drills and line laying. The dives only require a single tank and RBS and there is no decompression during the course.


Level 3 Cave Diver course.

After completing your certification for the Cavern Diver course you will now be ready to progress to the next level which involves full penetration of a cave. There is an increase in the number of skills required to complete this course and you will be venturing deeper into the cave so you will decompression diving with double tanks. You will need to learn a number of procedures for emergency situations such getting lost from the main line, finding your buddy if they get lost from the main line and if you get entangled knowing the correct way to get out of it.


Level 4 Full Cave course

Once you reach the level required to start the full cave course you are on your way to being trained to the highest standard of cave diving. In order to penetrate further into caves you will be taught how to stage tanks. Training will also be given to show how to deal with smaller restrictions and you will also be shown how to do jumps and gaps. By this point of your training you will be using full technical equipment during your dives.


Level 5 Cave Exploration course


Cave exploration is where the diving gets extreme and you will be trained to penetrate deep caves. Part of the training will involve learning how to stage multiple tanks and you will also be taught how to set up a habitat and then how to breathe o2 while you are staying in a habitat. The mixes of helium and oxygen need to be optimum to avoid problems with narcosis which can cause numerous problems in an overhead environment.


ANDI Cavern and Cave diving courses can be taught using open circuit or closed circuit rebreather. If you would like more information about course prices and dates please send us a message via our contact page as bookings need to be scheduled with Bruce Konefe.



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