ANDI Tec Courses - Koh Tao Thailand

ANDI International originally started by specializing in training programmes for Enriched Air Nitrox (SafeAir) diving. As the agency continued it has developed training programmes for Technical diving and Closed Circuit Rebreather systems.

As ANDI has expanded from its' home office in the United States it has developed a number if regional headquarters throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia, India and Latin America.

ANDI uses a variety of training programmes including SafeAir user courses, Technical and exploration programmes, Rebreather training for SCR and CCR systems, and Instructor programmes.


ANDI Complete SafeAir User course

The ANDI Complete SafeAir User course consists of 1 day of theory and 2 experience dives.

The cost of of 1 days theory is 10,000 thb.

The cost of 2 experience dives is 5,000

If you are interested combining CSU course with the CCR rebreather course, it is possible to use the 2 CSU experience dives as part of your CCR training. We are can start teaching CCR skills on the CSU experience dives which will mean you are able to complete the CCR course more quickly and will also receive a 5000 thb discount off the CCR course.


ANDI CCR Rebreather course

The ANDI CCR Rebreather course is designed so students gain knowledge and understanding of how CCR systems function and a certification to dive to the depth of 40 meters. The course encompasses rebreather theory and specific theory depending on the CCR system you will use during training in this course.

Theoretical knowledge:

History of use, types and principles of rebreather functioning, hypoxia, hyperoxia and hypercapnia, Getting acquainted with a rebreather, dive planning, problem solving, procedures before, during and after the dive, Rebreather maintenance and storage.

Practical exercises:

Getting acquainted with equipment and confined environment exercises, 6 dives in open waters

Course duration: 7 days.

Theory: minimum 16 hours, 4 hrs confined environment exercises, 6 Openwater dives

Candidate prerequisites:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age,
  • Openwater certified,
  • Proof of 50 logged dives under similar conditions as to that where the course will be conducted,
  • Have an ANDI CSU (level ll) SafeAir certification (or equivalent),
  • Pass a written "Pre-Test" on subjects covered in the Level ll SafeAir course (CSU) that are pertinent to diving with CCR's,
  • Be competent and familiar with all equipment to be used in conjunction with this course excluding the Inspiration unit itself (i.e. comfortable with use of an RBS, drysuits etc),
  • Must sign an ANDI CCR Liability waiver and be fit to dive. A medical may be required by the instructor.

The cost of this course is 40,000 thb.

Complete SafeAir user information

The Complete SafeAir user course is equivalent to PADI Advanced Nitrox and this level of certification is a prerequisite to to taking the ANDI CCR rebreather course. The course consists of 1 day of theory and 2 open water dives which don't require any skills being taught but give the student experience of using a rebreather. As there are no skills taught on these dives it is relatively easy to combine this course with the ANDI CCR Rebreather course as students can start learning their CCR dive skills during the CSU Openwater dives.

The cost of this course is 10,000 thb for the theory and 5000 thb for 2 Openwater dives.

CSU/CCR combined course

If you would like to combine the CSU and CCR Rebreather course then we can start your CCR dive skills on the 2 CSU dives that are offered in the course. This would mean a discount of 5000 thb from your CSU course.

CCR rebreather rental

If you would like to fun dive using CCR rebreather equipment we do offer a rental package all inclusive price of 4700 thb for 1 day, or 4 dives over 2days if you choose to only do 2 dives each day.

For more details about ANDI dive courses please contact us here.