13th June 2017

Changing winds, changing sides. But nevertheless happy minds!


Its about that time of the year again! A fresh, new breeze swiftly comes over Koh Tao. The wind, that normally comes from a eastern direction, drops and the wind starts to come from the west. Wind has a great effect on waves and the visibility under water. As the waves become bigger, maneuvering the boat on the western side becomes difficult. As the wind becomes stronger, the visibility starts to drop.

So, time to move to the other side! When the wind starts to come from the west, just like it is visa versa the other months of the year, the eastern side is protected by the island. Lots of bays on the western side make it beautiful to dive, and it's also a welcome change! As much as all of us divemasters and instructors love diving, sometimes diving the same site five times a week can get a little bit boring. So for me personally it gets quite exciting when we get these months of change!

Just a little talk through about some the dive sites:


We have Hin Wong bay, the bay where we get on the boat. A big bay with a very big wall full of marine life. A little closer to the shore there are many swim throughs to discover, while further out you might find yourself diving on Hin Wong pinnacle, a advanced dive site that goes down to 35 meters!

hin wong bay koh tao


A little further to the south you find Tanote bay. A beautifull area with a massive rock in the middle. Next to the rock you might find yourself exploring the artificial reef, or visiting the catamaran shipwreck! In your surface interval you can even do some cliff jumping! Not a bad place to spend your afternoon!

Changing winds, changing sides. But nevertheless happy minds!


Then we have Aow Leuk. A beautifull very shallow dive site. Many dive schools use it for confined sessions or open water training. Special note about this dive site: this is where the black and white tip reef sharks come to lay their eggs! Around the spring time of the year you can spot many baby sharks all around this area. Definitely a recommendation!

Changing winds, changing sides. But nevertheless happy minds!


Of course there are many many other dive sites to discover around this side of the island, - over 15 actually! Just come around our shop for some more information. Or feel free to send us an message or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.! Happy diving!