You can make a difference, it's really not that difficultperson picking up litter from beach

You can understand why man, over thousands of years ago, may have thought that the sea is an infinitely expendable commodity and convenient place to throw away our unwanted rubbish.

Thankfully this culture looks like it may be at the beginning of its demise as groups such as Greenpeace continue to gain more political recognition in Western society.


The difficulty with pollution can largely divide into two parts: oil ‘n’ plastic – which ironically is also a form of oil pollution - and education of the global populace to kerb such habits.

Remember, each and every one of us has a duty AND the ability to make a difference. 

No one single person can make such a vast change. That would be akin to Canute turning back the tides but if all us make an effort we can affect such an out come.

Go to the beach, take some friends or family, go for a walk with the dog. Make a nice day of it. If, as you walk along the beach, you see a crisp packet – think – ‘there should be no crisp packet here’ and pick the thing up and store it in a bag, so you will be doing your own impromtu Beach Clean Up.  If you fancy impressing yer mates by pretending you’re Neo from the Matrix point out a piece of rubbish to your mates and say something like ‘don’t try to pick up the [name the piece of trash] with your mind, that is impossible. Simply realise there is no [name the piece of trash]’ Distract them while you secretly pick up the trash and stick it up your sleeve – TADAAAA!!! Le trash est disparu!!!  You can all take turns playing this game and what a great, fun way to bring beauty back to our planet! Please note this game is NOT to be played if the piece of rubbish in question is either a prophylactic or a hypodermic; if this is the case then find a grown up and ask for help.

So if there is one thing that I would like you to take away from this article it is this: please refrain and actively encourage your friends, family and acquaintances to refrain from tossing into the sea.

Also go out more to the beach, look for rubbish and pick it up!

Everyone here at DJL, thanks you for every small little contribution you can make

Damon 'Environmetally friendly' Green