28th October 2017 - Rich 'the Whaleshark dodger' Westwood

221116 Whale Shark HM from Koh Tao ProVideo on Vimeo.


The whale shark is the largest known species of fish in the ocean. Even though it is a plankton filterer it is a true shark at heart due to having cartilage instead of bones. As whale shark season approaches here on Koh Tao and the sightings of these magnificent creatures is becoming more and more frequent I can only hope the my day will come sooner rather than later.

Where's my Whale Shark?

I am what you would call a true shark fan. However, after working on Koh Tao as a diver, collectively for over a year, on two occasions I would say that I am in the small percentage of instructors that have been hit by the curse of the whaleshark. In 500 plus dives I have never seen or even been at a dive site that these beautiful creatures have been at on each given day. The frustration of hearing people seeing these creatures on their Open Water dive 3 or 4 dive drives me crazy because I feel as though I have more than served my time and should be (fingers crossed) due to see one soon.


davy jones locker diving crew spotted a whale shark today april 2017 Copy

Another whale shark sighting for the DJL team !

It's Whale Shark Season soon!

Whale sharks are the number one draw to Koh Tao for many people with the hope of seeing one on a scuba dive. But all I can say is if you see one so soon into diving then continuing diving is going to be less exciting in the future, as the expectation of seeing these rare creatures every dive could become too much. I'm looking forward to the next few months with hopefully plenty of whale sharks for everyone and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my time will come soon. When that day comes the elation on my face will be to much to deal with! Come on whale shark season let's have a great one!