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Female Tech Divers - meet Julia!


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When you meet Julia Alberione, it is hard to believe that she has the strength to lift one cylinder on her back, let alone carry four. However, Julia has a strong passion, one which requires physical strength, staminer, dexterity and determination. Technical Diving.

Based at Davy Jones Locker in Koh Tao, Julia is a PADI MSDT with ambition to go further. Not only climbing the PADI ladder to Staff Instructor and beyond, but also to become one of the growing number, yet still few, female technical divers.
I asked Julia what first got her interested in branching out into the Technical world.


Firstly, when, where and how did you first start diving?

I did my first dive when I was 14 years old with my dad and sister. We were on holiday in Porto Seguro, in the North of Brazil. My Father is a fishies and corals lover so I grew up in a house with 5 aquariums around and learned to love the marine life. These days I prefer to see marine life in its natural environment.


What made you decide to become a PADI Diving Instructor?

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JULIA ALBERIONE Learning to be a Tech Girl
















When I was 20, I was lucky to work in a diving centre for a whole summer season. Unfortunately life took me in a different direction,and I studied Accountancy at my university. So I finished my youth submerging myself in numbers, audits accounts and the business world, but I never forgot that amazing summer I had doing what I loved. One day I decided to go for my dream.


What is your favorite part of teaching?

My favorite moment is when the students look at me through the mask and I can see the emotion, happiness in their eyes, overcoming there fear doing something new, knowing I am part of a team that will change the way they will see the world in the future.


Why did you decide to branch out into Tech diving?

It hard not to be enthusiastic about technical diving at DJL. Tim the owner is so passionate about wreck diving and history. When he told me that “every ship wreck has a story to tell and 90% of those stories are waiting to be told” I was hooked.


What are your main challenges?

To be able to join the team on the future expeditions.


Do you find being a woman in a predominantly male oriented part of the industry a help or a hindrance?

It's not easy to be a woman, but it's not more complicated than in the normal world. Today the women are getting more participation in all fields. I've a strong personality so this helps me to be on the same level as a man. And I feel accepted here.


Who is your Tech Diving idol?


Julia with fellow student Manuel and PADI Technical Instructor Trainer and The Wreck Hunter Tim Lawrencejpg


That´s an easy answer, Tim Lawrence, the wreck hunter. He is my inspiration. I would like one day dive at the same level than him and discover together new ships wrecks.


How far do you see yourself going within the Tech industry?

I endower to push my limits physically and mentally for as long as I can.


What is your number one ambition?

To discovery a virgin ship wreck uncovering its story fathering our understanding of human endive sea.


If you were to be a fish, which would you be and why? (Had to be said :) )

I would like to be a manta ray, because they are majestic.


If you are interested in hearing more about Technical Diving, contact us at DJL. Tim Lawrence is one of the only PADI Technical Instructor Trainers on Koh Tao and has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to Diving and The History of Ship Wrecks.