Marine conservation Divemaster add on

You don't have to be an Eco Warrior to learn about conserving the marine enviornment with this Eco friendly Add On to your Divemaster Course, it makes sense to take a little care for our environment to ensure great diving for everyone for years to come.

This is an add on that can be taken at the same time whilst you are taking your Divemaster Internship.


Closed Circuit Rebreather Diver Divemaster Add On Package

Poseidon Discovery Cis-Lunar MKVI CCR

New technology in closed circuit rebreather (CCR) diving is changing how people are diving, allowing people to dive for longer and the advances have made this bubble free diving open to everyone from Open Water level.


Digital Underwater Videography Divemaster Internship add on

Whale Shark filmed by DJL Divemaster and Koh Tao Provideo videographer Harriet Muir-Little

Cost - 35,000 thb 


Pro Package - Rescue Diver certified

Paid Internship - Divemaster certified

Imagine shooting a fantastic underwater movie of someone's first diving experience - showcasing their interaction with the marine life around Koh Tao. Having the ability to edit the right shots together with a soundtrack, then screening your movie the same day, for our diving customers!! Underwater videographers on Koh Tao work shooting marine movies everyday! You can too, with our 'Underwater Videographer Add On' for your scuba diving gap year internship. The 'underwater videographer add-on' is a paid working diving internship.


Seamanship & Boat Handling Package going diving on the RIB

  • BSAC Seamanship Centre [No 484]:

  • BSAC Boat Handling Course
  • BSAC Chart work & position fixing course
  • Logged boat driving experience
  • BSAC Diver Coxswain Assessment

Duration: 6 Days,

Price: 30,000 baht, including all materials & certifications.