20th May 2017 - Underwater Navigation

underwater compass

Buying lunch or going somewhere sociably usually connects known and sometimes special friends together on a very fundamental level.

But how do we manage to get together in the first place?

How do we end up in the same restaurant, beach or bar at the same time?

It may sound silly but we navigate our way there.

We navigate all the time and on the whole we are so good at it that we don’t even realise we are doing it. It’s an important part of our everyday lives and it is also as important under the water to know where you are going.


So important is this skill that it is incorporated as part of the Open Water course as well as a mandatory part of the Advanced Open Water course. It is an essential part of nearly every dive to know where you are and where you are going.


It is an extremely satisfying sensation to be able to navigate and to navigate well, it also takes away a fair amount of stress on a dive.


Come to DJL and ask to do your Underwater Navigation Speciality or Advanced Open Water take the luck out of where you’re going and impress your friends!




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