30th May 2017 - Junior Open Water on Koh Tao

As a Diving Instructor on Koh Tao you get to teach lots of different kinds of customers, mostly depending on the season. In the summer you get more familys. In the early months of the year the Scandinavians visit, then, after summer the European backpackers. There are always exceptions to this rule however. Sometimes, out of nowhere you get to teach a Junior Open Water course! Around two weeks ago I got one of these chances. Scott Wade has taken a number courses with us here at DJL, including his Divemaster and Tec 50. This time he brought his little son over to get into diving. This young lad, named Ozzy, was full of enthusiasm from the start. It was a little quiet at this time, so when the opportunity arose to teach the course I jumped straight on it! Not only can the kids learn a lot from you. In my opinion you can also improve your own teaching a lot while teaching youngsters.

Ozzy completed his academics in England, so he would have more time over here for the diving. And oh sure we did dive a lot! Ozzy absolutely smashed the confined session. While older students often have “problems” listening to what you try to teach them, or try to do it their own way, kids do exactly what you tell them to do. One of the quickest pool sessions ever without any presented problems. Ozzy was now ready for the open water!

Just like the normal Open Water course we do four dives on the junior version. Dives one and two were both conducted at Twins. A nice, easy and shallow dive site in Koh Tao that is perfect for open water training. After a little bit of a problem with equalizing the ears we made it down the bottom of the line. Now the fun could start! Quickly smashing the needed skills out the way we were able to join the wonders of the open water world. The best thing is the see the eyes of kids spread wide open every time they see something new. Even though Ozzy only had a 8 liter tank we managed to stay down both dives for over 50 minutes, and day one was in the books!

On the second day we went out on the afternoon boat again. This because the junior open water course only allows the divers to a maximum depth of 12 meters. The morning boat often goes to deeper sites. The first dive site was Japanese Gardens, but we made a drop off at red rock. Ozzy handled the hover and mask removal and replace like a pro, and again we went for a awesome fun dive. Spotting a juvenile sweetlips, tuna and great barracudas!

Dive four was made at White Rock. Now that we had all the skills out of the way we just made a fun dive. After four dives, Ozzy was so calm and relaxed in the water we even made it to 62 (!) minutes.

Ozzy, very very well done! And we hope to see you and your dad coming back another time to dive with us again.

Happy diving! Sander


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