24th July 2017

2017 07 17 hayden advanced open water course djl diving koh tao

DJL Instructor Stew has been working for us for a while now. It's fair to say he knows his way around the island and has settled into Koh Tao living. He's given us a list of his favourite things about staying on this special island we call home.


No Shoes

2017 07 24 hayden djl blog

Since moving to Koh Tao I have said “see ya later” to wearing shoes whilst in and around town. Something about hopping between puddles and brushing the sand off my feet every time I go indoors reminds me that I am living in a tropical paradise. The high temperatures and soaring humidity make it almost impossible to wear socks but once on the island these issues go out the window. The occasional stubbed toe is worth the pain for the feel of sand in-between your toes walking up the beach after a dive.

Thai food everyday

2017 07 24 hayden blog Kung Thai Kaeng Prawns

I was never a thai food enthusiast when growing up in Australia but Koh Tao has opened up my pallet to world of flavours I wonder how I lived without. From the standard Pad Thai to one of the many curries found on the island I have slowly become obsessed with eating Thai food. Every night I find myself in a small local restaurant with a lovely smiley “mama” ready to fill my belly and I love it.

Whale Sharks

2017 07 24 hayden blog whale shark picture

Koh Tao, even though named after turtles, is known for its abundance of whale sharks. Whale sharks are a true spectacle in the diving industry and I can’t help but burn through my air within 30 minutes every time I see one. My eyes open up wider than you can imagine and an awkward giggle often comes out as the gigantic beasts cruise around me. Words can’t describe what it’s like to have such big sharks swimming around you…. It’s something that needs to be witnessed first-hand.


2017 07 24 hayden blog coconut

Let’s be honest, you can’t have a tropical island without a couple of coconuts. An ice cold coconut is either the best or one of the best ways to wake up on a sunny morning. Don’t get me started on the nutritional value or the speed in which it cures a hangover but these tasty natural treats are often what get me through the day.


2017 07 24 hayden blog sunset

After a long day of seeing lots of turtles and whale sharks sitting at a beach bar for the sunset is the ultimate rest and relaxation. Fizz treats us to ice cold beers as the sun sets over the ocean. The long tail boats swaying with the tides and the palm trees in the distance creates a perfect scene to end the day.


2017 07 24 hayden blog koh tao viewpoint west coast

Koh Tao is full of viewpoints. Whether living on Koh Tao or visiting for a week or month, checking out one of the many viewpoints is an absolute must. The abandoned hotel is my personal favourite and allows you to see all of Sairee on a half built balcony. It’s a sweaty journey up but the peaceful location is sure to amaze.

The social scene

2017 07 24 hayden blog social scene

Koh Tao isn’t just great for diving and sunsets. Koh Tao is the perfect meeting place for likeminded travellers from all over the world. Koh Tao is full of many bars and restaurants packed with people speaking many different languages and socialising with people who may live on the other side of the world. One of the best parts of travelling is meeting people and making friends, Koh Tao has provided the perfect platform to do just that.

Obviously there are many other things that I love about Koh Tao. But I have narrowed it down to these very simple factors that have made me want to live here for a very long time. I look forward to what else I might come to start loving here on Koh Tao and I will keep you posted.


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