6th August 2017

djl blog diver on toilet

For most of us, sitting down on the latrine is a private moment to spend with ourselves; so what do you do whilst answering the call of nature?

Different people tend to do different things, most seem to centre on these common choices: read a book or magazine, catch up on emails, play a game on your phone, write slanderous claims about colleagues appended with their phone number on the wall or even just sit there in quiet contemplation enjoying not being in contact with your phone, family, friends or work life.

Think about it… how often do you disconnect from the modern world, how many seconds, minutes, hours of the day do you manage to be off the net? How often do you go dark and manage to be off-grid and really allow yourself time for you?

According to legion of global research; very little. Indeed a recent survey showed that more time is spent by western populations on the internet than any other activity in their lives. Although yet to be qualified this is generally accepted to be having a negative affect on individuals and thereby society as a whole.

If you want to improve the quality of your life it is important to allocate some time for yourself and you can enjoy this time with friends as well.

Diving is similar to parking your breakfast in that you are isolated from the modern world. No data systems, no wi-fi, no phone calls, no electricity and no verbal communication. Unlike dropping the kids off at the pool, though, diving can be incredibly sociable whilst being simultaneously personal and removed from everyday influences.

In ancient times cable laying was seen as a social activity as depicted from remains of ancient Roman, Greek and Scandinavian societies. During these times sociologists and archeologists alike believe that communal mud blowing could even have been only found in the higher echelons of society. We are all too familiar of how things have changed when we look at modern attitudes towards unleashing a coiler in a public setting. You can see it in your mind’s eye of people running around in chaos and panic screaming “he’s just potted a brown right in front of Mrs Miggins!”

What has not changed though, when chalking the bowl, is the momentary freedom it allows to be left with your thoughts. It is in this context that diving, firing the canon and even yoga can be thought to have similar qualities that are widely acknowledged by psychotherapists around the world to have healing properties.

Indulge yourself.

Look after yourself.

Take time for you and your friends. Log out every now and then, don’t be like the full moon over troubled waters. Enjoy your world and your thoughts free from the unsightliness of a grunt sculpture. Immerse yourself in a different medium teeming with beautiful wildlife and share this with those close to you.
Come diving.
Come diving with DJL

See the other world we live in, spray paint it with your thoughts and pass on your wealth to others.



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