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Snorkeling around Koh Tao available on our afternoon boat trips (2 different sites)

Head out with the DJL Team for an afternoon of snorkelling around Koh Nangyuan and nearby bays. 2 snorkelling swims at different sites are included and we also provide lunch. 

If your friends or partner are booked to scuba dive wth us, but you don't fancy the full underwater experience, it's not a problem. You can join our dive boat and go snorkeling. In the afternoon we go to shallower dive site with safe snorkeling areas. These include Twins, Japanese Gardens and Mango Bay. Diving instructors and divemasters take care of students and fun divers while snorkelers are supervised by our divemaster candidates who are all EFR/Rescue Diver certified. 

There is plenty of beautiful coral and marine life to observe from the surface, including trigger fish and even reef sharks if you are lucky. Our Divemaster candidates will be happy to ID any fish for you while you are out on the water. Remember you may receive quite a lot of exposure to the sun whilst on the surface of the water so it's often advisable to cover up with some eco friendly sunscreen like the Reef Repair sunscreen we have for sale in the dive shop or a suitable top. 

Cost - 850 thb per person

Recreational diving courses on Koh TaoD1 Recreational Dive course


Recreational dive courses cater for people who enjoy diving for the purpose of leisure and enjoyment. The term "recreational" is also used in some diving communities to distinguish between "technical" diving which pushes the boundaries of diving beyond the limits of recreational diving & requires greater experience & training.

Recreational diving was born through a combination of snorkelling & underwater hunting and is now a popular leisure activity especially in tropical & sub tropical parts of the world. Here on Koh Tao it is a huge industry and accounts for the majority of tourists who visit. Great visibility and water temperatures of around 28 degrees make Koh Tao an ideal environment to learn to dive. Marine life is abundant and easy spot from the surface down to the seabed. It is an amazing visual experience, regardless of whether you are snorkelling or diving at 30 metres around a wreck or pinnacle. With it's large number of dive sites Koh Tao caters for all levels of diving ability. At DJL we run internship programmes that teach students the required recreational dive courses followed by professional courses such as divemaster and diving instructor training.

There are a wide variety of recreational dive courses available including a number of speciality courses. Customers who have never tried scuba diving can start with the PADI Open Water Course, followed by the Advanced Open Water course. As you progress through the certifications you will be able to train in EFR & Rescue diving. Or if you want to choose a speciality course you will have the opportunity to explore wrecks, dive with Nitrox or use a DPV (Driver Propulsion Vehicle). Have a look at our speciality courses page & drop down menu to see the full range of courses on offer.

Whichever courses you choose to take it will always involve having plenty of fun! 

PADI Junior Diving courses on Koh Tao Thailand

PADI Junior diver courses cater for people under the age of 15 who are interested in learning to dive.

Bubblemaker course

The PADI Bubblemaker course is a fun course for children as young as 8 who would like to experience using scuba equipment in shallow water. Under the supervision of a PADI professional kids will be able to dive to a depth of 2 metres and get used to using scuba equipment which is designed for children. This is a great way to introduce children to diving and have fun at the same time.

To start a Bubblemaker course children must be aged 8 years or over and be comfortable in the water.

The cost of a Bubblemaker course is 2,500 thb.

PADI Skin Diver

The PADI Skin Diver course will show you how to snorkel and dive with a single breath hold to observe marine life close up for short periods of time. If you are unable to scuba dive this is a great way to experience the underwater world.

You need to be 8 years or older to start the Skin Diver course, be comfortable in the water and demonstrate adequate swimming skills.

The cost of the Skin Diver course is 850 thb.

Junior Open Water

The PADI Junior Open Water course, is a version of the standard Open Water course but aimed at younger students. The structure is essentially the same as the standard Open water course, with an afternoon of theory, followed by a pool session and 4 open water dives. The dives on the Junior Open Water course are limited to a depth of 12 metres and the PADI certification will be for this depth, the certification automatically upgrades once the student is 15 and they can then apply for a standard Open Water certification.

To start the Junior Open Water course you must be aged 10 years or over and able to swim 200 metres and float for 10 minutes.

The cost of the Junior Open Water course is 11,000 thb.


D112a PADI Discover scuba diving course



Single afternoon intro dive which include:

  • Scuba Diving Theory Session
  • Shallow water skills & intro dive [max 12 metres]
  • Option to continue with PADI Open Water Course

Duration: 1/2 a Day,

Price: 2,500 baht

Secure your booking by completing to booking form at the bottom of the page.

 Optional additional second dive an additional 1,000 baht


Every afternoon at Sairee Beach, Koh Tao we run Discover Scuba Diving courses. We start in the morning at 10am with a thorough briefing covering how scuba diving equipment works and what will happen when we go underwater. We explain some safe diving practices and describe the marine life we expect to see.

Next we get in the swimming pool for a confined space session before heading out to sea. We'll begin by demonstrating some skills in very shallow water such how to clear your mask and regulator. You'll practice these skills under the close supervision of your instructor, then we’ll head out on the dive boat out to a shallow bay such as Aow Leuk or the Japanese Gardens.

You can dive right down to a maximum depth of 12 metres - expect to see lots of colorful reef fish such as butterfly, angelfish and longfin bannerfish and a vast variety of bright corals. Your dive should last for around 45 minutes depending on how relaxed you are. You have the option to make an additional dive on the same afternoon for 1,000 baht extra. This will be at an even more adventurous dive site, such as Twins or White Rock.

If you decide that's enough diving for one day you can check out the snorkeling or relax on the boat.

If you really enjoy your dives and want more, this experience can be used to credit towards the PADI Open Water Diver Course.

At DJL Diving, if you want to continue with the PADI Open Water course you get a 1,000 baht discount off the cost of the Open Water course

Please check the PADI medical guide by clicking here to ensure that the that there is nothing that will prevent you in taking this course.


Payment for Discover Scuba Dive

You can book in the Discover Scuba Dive by paying for it here, it's 2,500 baht for the first dive and if you decide to take a second dive you can do that when you are on the boat after the first dive and then just pay for that when you get back to the dive shop.

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Learn to dive on Koh Tao and get your

PADI Open Water license whilst in Thailand

Open Water dive course at Davy Jones Locker! from Davy Jones Locker Diving on Vimeo.


Most people who come to Koh Tao plan. to dive whilst they are here.  Some people are already qualifed and plan to fun dive or further courses whilst they are here, but many people who have never dived before plan to learn to dive by taking the PADI Open Water course.

At DJL Diving Koh Tao we teach PADI Open Water classes with a maximum group size of 4. That means our experienced western instructors can make sure everyone has a great experience and qualifies as a safe confident diver. Plus you'll have a great time learning to scuba dive here on Koh Tao!

D11b Dive courses thailand

Day 1 [Afternoon 4pm start]: Scuba Diving Theory

PADI eLearning students start the Open Water course on Day 2 at 11am

We'll start with an academics session covering scuba diving basics. We'll cover topics such as:

  • How a set of scuba gear works
  • Relationship between depth, pressure and volume
  • How water pressure affects your body
  • We'll watch some videos, discuss the content & complete some simple quizzes to test your understanding.[Don't worry - the minimum age to learn to scuba dive with PADI is 10 years old so you shouldn't find it too demanding].

Day 2 [Morning]: Dive Planning

  • You can't just dive as deep as you want, for as long as you want and expect to be ok!
  • Scuba dives must be planned - depth, bottom time etc. - we'll teach you to do this by using PADI's recreational dive planner.
  • We'll practice some examples, then complete a multiple choice exam to finish off your academics.

Day 2 [Afternoon]: Confined Water [Shallow] Skills Practice

  • Now it's time to get your scuba diving gear on & head into shallow water for your first dive in our swimming pool.
  • We'll start by learning lots of scuba skills in the pool, so no waves to worry about as may be the case if you were doing this in the sea (although there aren't usually too manny waves around the beaches of Koh Tao). This will include equipment assembly & buddy checks, mask & regulator clearing, alternate air source exercises, buoyancy skills & ascent procedures.
  • We'll conduct your confined water dive in the DJL pool – this is convenient as it’s next to the Dive shop and many people do find it more comfortable to do these sessions in the pool so that whilst you’re mastering basic skills you don't deal with different conditions and waves as in the sea.

Get your Diving license on Koh Tao with the PADI Open Water course

Day 3 [Afternoon]: Open Water Koh Tao Dives 1 & 2

  • Your first two 'proper dives' will be to a maximum depth of 12 metres.
  • Each dive will be approximately 40 minutes long - we'll repeat some of your shallow skills a little deeper plus explore the Koh Tao dive sites.
  • Typical dive sites are 'The Japanese Gardens' or 'Twins' at Koh Nangyuan - you'll be diving on coral reefs and around shallow pinnacles.
  • Out in the open water Koh Tao has incredible marine species to enjoy. Expect to see masses of colorful corals - table, plate, staghorn & brain corals.
  • Plus experience Koh Tao's great marine life - you'll see millions of tropical reef fish [butterflyfish, angellfish, triggerfish . . . ] plus experience some of our diverse marine species such as blue spotted stingrays, moray eels and squid!

Never Dived before, start scuba diving with the PADI Open Water course on Koh Tao Thailand

Day 4 [Morning]: Open Water Koh Tao Dives 3 & 4

  • For the last two dives of the course, we'll get right down to 18 metres.  By now, you should be controlled & comfortable in the water so we can visit the more distant dive sites, such as Chumphon Pinnacles.
    Here you'll get to see some of Koh Tao's bigger fish - barracudas, giant grouper, even grey reef & occasional whale sharks [harmless!].
  • For the last two dives of your scuba course, you have the option to have an underwater videographer will accompany you, capturing footage of your underwater experiences on film.

Day 4 [Evening]: Open Water Certification & Diving Movie

  • We'll celebrate you completing your PADI Open Water Koh Tao Course by watching your diving movie [enjoyed over a couple of cold beers!].
  • We'll complete your certification paperwork, and you'll be issued with your PADI Open Water Koh Tao certification.
  • This is a diving certification for life, allowing you to dive dive with a buddy, to 18 metres in conditions similar to those in which you learned to dive.

***IMPORTANT*** Please check the PADI medical guide by clicking here to ensure that the that there is nothing that will prevent you in taking this course, if there is anything on the form that you would answer yes to then we recommend that you take a copy of the form to your doctor to see if they can sign you off as being medically fit to dive before you come here and bring the signed off copy with you, if you are already in Thailand in Bangkok or Koh Samui then you can got to one of the hospitals that have doctors that can assess your fitness to dive .  If there is nothing on the form that you answer yes to then you can just complete one of these when you start the course here.   If you need the medical form in another language then contact us and we can send that to you.

The other import thing to remember is that for the Open Water course you do need to be able to tread water or float for 10 minutes and be able to swim 200m.

Our PADI Open Water package includes:

  • PADI Open Water Diver Course [4 days]
  • Your own PADI eManual*, log book & certification
  • Duration: 4 Days,

Price: 11,000 thb standard Open Water course. 

Secure your Open Water course booking with a 10% deposit today! 


Payment for PADI Open Water course

You can book in the PADI Open Water course by paying a 10% deposit for it here, so you will pay a 1,100 baht deposit now and then pay the 9,900 baht balance when you check into the dive shop when you arrive here.

Total Amount
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- OR

PADI Open Water course with PADI eLearning.

 If you do the Open Water theory online before you arrive you can SAVE 1 day in the classroom when you book in and complete your PADI eLearning before arriving here.  If you want to sign up for PADI eLearning then you will need to make a larger deposit of 5,000 baht and also send us your email full name and date of birth along with your email address, then we will send you out the PADI eLearning materials so you can start completing the theory.

Price: 11,500 thb Open Water course with PADI eLearning.

Secure your Open Water with eLearning booking with a 5,000 THB deposit today! 


Payment for PADI Open Water course - eLearning

You can book in the PADI Open Water course with eLearning by paying a 5,000 baht deposit for it here and then we will register you for eLearning and you'll then be able to complete the theory before you come to complete the rest of the course here.  You will then pay the 6,500 baht balance of the course when you check into the dive shop here.

Total Amount
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PADI Open Water course pre requisites:

You must be at least 10 years old
You must be able to swim 200 meters and tread water for 10 minutes

***IMPORTANT*** Please check the PADI medical guide by clicking here to ensure that the that there is nothing that will prevent you in taking this course, if there is anything on the form that you would answer yes to then we recommend that you take a copy of the form to your doctor to see if they can sign you off as being medically fit to dive before you come here and bring the signed off copy with you.  If there is nothing on the form that you answer yes to then you can just complete one of these when you start the course here.


Accommodation Options - Sairee Beach Koh Tao

D11e Silver sands accommodation sairee

There are restaurants, shops and relaxed beach bars within short walking distance and of course the dive school swimming pool. If you would like to book one of our fan rooms it will have 24 hour electricity, en-suite bathroom with western toilet and electric fan, cable TV & WiFi. If you need an air conditioned room/bungalow they are also available at the Silver Sands Resort.

The .Rocks Guesthouse near the Davy Jones Locker pool bar has 4 bedroom & 8 bedroom dormitories. While the dormitories don't have en-suite bathrooms, the shared shower and toilet facilities are all western toilets & hot water showers, with security lockers in the dorms, free WiFi, CCTV and 24hr electricity.

We start PADI [Open Water courses on Koh Tao] every day at 4pm so you can start on the day you arrive providing you arrive on one of the ferries that get to the island before then. Also if you let us know in advance whichever ferry it is that you are coming on, then we can arrange to collect you from the pier when you arrive. You can book in your ferry to the island through the website 12goAsia here.





PADI Specialties available at Davy Jones Locker Koh Tao Thailand


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