Meet Interns Keiran, Dan Jones, Jack, Tamlyn, Anja, Matt and Jenny

Meet some of our Divemaster Interns


Davy Jones Locker Divemaster: Keiran from Koh Tao Pro Video on Vimeo.

Dan Jones

Here's what ex student Dan had to say about his time spent with DJL...

Divemaster DanI fancied a career break and wanted to travel but gain some qualifications at the same time. DJL is perfect for this!!! I travelled on my own and the staff provided perfect instructions to get to the island of Koh Tao. The accomodation is perfect and the food is second to none. All the instructors on the course have their own styles which will cater for everyone. It sounds cliche but I cannot stress enough how this experience will change you as a person. Some of the lads I met in Koh Tao were just out of school and taking a gap year. After finishing their Dive Master internship they developed so many skills which will credit them for life.

There are so many activities to keep you busy during the day (if your not diving!) Cliff diving, volleyball, tanning, you can even hire a jet ski!!

DJL has fantastic facilities for diving, the boat is spacious and comfortable, the range of courses is endless. I seriously recommend the deep spec course with Simon. Hit a depth of 45m and was probably the highlight of my trip. Look out for the elusive growler fish, definately not to be missed.

My brother has just left school and is heading out to Koh Tao in March and I really encourage anyone else who is thinking of doing this to take the plunge!

Davy Jones Locker Divemaster: Jack from Koh Tao Pro Video on Vimeo.

Tamlyn Allison

Here's what ex student Tamlyn had to say about her time spent with DJL...

Divemaster TamlynI was privileged to be able to go on a gap experience to explore Thailand for 5 weeks. I spent the first 4 weeks exploring Thailand, meeting new people from all over the world and embracing as much of the Thai culture as I could. The last week of the GAP experience was spent on Koh Tao doing my open water at DJL which flew by, and I was off for more travelling through SE Asia. This is when I realised that I wasn’t finished with my time on Koh Tao. I decided that because I loved that last week of diving I’d go back to the lovely little island to do my advanced, rescue and dive master courses at DJL. I fell in love with the people, diving and island so much I ended up staying for over 3 months – what a life changing experience! The diving on Koh Tao is absolutely amazing, I met really cool people from all over the world and even managed to see a whale shark on one of my last dives, a dream come true.

The DJL team are incredibly professional and fun – especially all the crazy and wonderful instructors (Hanna, Alex, Si, Emil, Fred etc) and good ole Tim (never too happy about SA beating England in anything). I must admit that the team made my diving such an experience and the ‘after’ diving (at DJL bar) even more so. The island is alive with parties every night and snorkel tests, which regularly ended up going crazy – so trying to fit the diving into the partying is probably why it took 3 months to complete – but there was no rush!

I have to mention my fellow DMT’s (now all divemasters) who made the whole experience incredible. I made some truly awesome friends, with the best memories – Chris (my fellow crazy Saffer), Gav, Steven, Alison, Rachel, Ollie (of course), Ash, Alex and all the others that were there when I was there… I miss everyone so much, and I hope I get to see you soon or we get to meet up sometime! Maybe even back on Koh Tao – for a laucau (or few) or even another dress up dive…

I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in diving, partying, meeting people or wants to experience a chilled, laid back lifestyle on an island or is interested in going to explore Thailand.

Davy Jones Locker Divemaster: Anja from Koh Tao Pro Video on Vimeo.

Matt Housiaux

Here's what ex student Matt had to say about his time spent with DJL...

Divemaster MattI was looking to go and do a Divemaster course, something I have wanted to do since I was 18, unfortunately had to wait until I finished my apprenticeship to afford it!

I originally looked at Egypt (very expensive I found), luckily a friend mentioned a tiny Island named Koh Tao, in Thailand. How I am eternally grateful to her for telling me about it. No joke I had an absolutely amazing 2 & 1/2 months there.

I mean everyone got on really well, we all went out and partied together when it was time to be serious for diving everyone would be especially when you are sometimes trusting your life with them.

I met some awesome people and just had a great time. If your contemplating it and are not sure yet, do it, simple as that. Its one of the best things I have ever done, (especially coming face to face for the first time with a whale shark on the evening I left the island)

Try and get here for Songkran (Thai New Year), u won’t regret it!

Plus there is not just diving, I was boxing at the local Muay Thai camp which is also a very friendly place to be. I loved the local food, fresh and great tasting. The Thai people as long as you respect them are also incredibly welcoming.


Davy Jones Locker Divemaster: Jenny from Koh Tao Pro Video on Vimeo.

Ex Scuba Diving Intern Matt shares diving internship experiences from Koh Tao

Name:Matt Sidnell



What were you doing before you joining the PADI Divemaster Scuba Diving Internship on Koh Tao?

Working in Bristol as a sales consultant

What is your overall opinion of your scuba diving internship with DJL Diving? DJL DMT's in the bar

I started my diving course with another dive school in Chalok at the other end of Koh Tao, so I have something to measure my experience against. Although I really enjoyed myself with the first dive school, at DJL I really felt like I fitted in. Everyone there was really friendly and I met some great friends that I still keep in touch with today. My overall opinion is that if you’re looking for a dive school to, not just complete your dive master internship, but have a really good time, then DJL is the place to go!

What bits of the Diving Internship did you find trickiest?

Getting up and being on time for the morning boat.

Do you think taking a scuba diving internship was a productive gap year experience?

Absolutely! I am now at university studying in my first year, and I would recommend an internship to anyone who is travelling or thinking about it.

Now qualified as a PADI Divemaster, do you think you'll continue your diving education? Are you interested in joining future wreck hunting expeditions?

Having recently returned to Koh Tao for a holiday, I am definitely considering investing in an intro to tech course and possibly a power boat handling course this summer.

How was your accommodation on Koh Tao ?

When I first arrived on Koh Tao I was put up in Pedangs (I think that’s how you spell it). It is where a lot of professional divers, both dive masters and instructors, live and is clean quiet and very comfortable.

What aspect of the internship did you enjoy most?DMT's

Meeting everyone and hanging about in one big DMT (Dive master trainee) Group. I miss everyone that I met there.

What will be your next diving adventure?

As mentioned before, I plan to try out some tech diving with the Tims and Frankie

What are you future plans?

Finishing my degree is obviously my number 1 priority but in my summers I intend to return to Koh Tao and maybe do some Dive Master work.


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