Interns Jessica and Ronan

Davy Jones Locker Divemaster: Jessica from Koh Tao Pro Video on Vimeo.

 Ex Scuba Diving Intern Ronan shares diving internship experiences from Koh Tao Ronan

Name:Ronan Flynn


Nationality: Irish

What were you doing before you joining the PADI Divemaster Scuba Diving Internships on Koh Tao?

Taught English in Korea for a year.

What Aspects of the scuba diving internships did you enjoy most?

Life on the boat was great, always a laugh and hanging out with all the other divers and living the easy life....

The dive shop was cool, again, sound people, easy to work with and get along with. Great social scene on the island, the people living there are cool, and meeting people is easy. Great craic, always a laugh to be had.

What bits of the diving Internships did you find trickiest?

The underwater equipment exchange was a great challenge, I remember freakin out a bit at one stage, when trying to exchange the tank, but obviously Alex was right there next to us. Really enjoyed it though, wouldn't mind giving it another go!

Leading dives was a bit nerve-wracking at the start. The swim tests were no problem. Of course with my ripped Adonises like torso I didn't expect any problems.....

Did you visit the Full Moon Party on neighbouring Koh Phangan?

Carnage, absolute carnage

Do you think taking a scuba diving internships was a productive gap year experience?

Definitely, gives you leadership experience, requires you to organise and assist in safety training as well as the general scuba diving education of beginners, things like helping them underwater, using the equipment and showing them the huge variety of underwater life around the island.

Yeah, a great experience , challenging yet rewardable thoroughly interesting and exciting training.

What will be your next diving adventure?

Not sure, nothing planned for the moment but would like to do some dry-suit diving at home.

Anything else you want to add?

Yeah, what am I doing going home to Ireland!


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