Dive Instructor Development Course (IDC)

Open Water Scuba Instructor Course at DJL Koh Tao

At DJL we provide a 14 day IDC course which starts off with a 2 day preparation course to allow our Course Director to assess each IDC candidate so in general we start our IDC the day before everyone else.  This is an additional service provided by DJL when you take your Dive Instructor course here with us.

If you arrive a up to 2 weeks before this of course you'll be able to get in a few free fun dives and assist on some courses whilst you get settled in.

After the 2 day prep course you then go into the IDC as normal, but now your Course Director will know which areas to spend more time focusing on to deliver a more personalised IDC experience for you.

The last 2 days are when you will be taking the Instructor Exam which is moderated by external PADI examiners.


Payment for PADI IDC

The deposit amount for the IDC is 5,000 baht and the balance for the IDC you will pay when you start the IDC.  The cost of the IDC is 39,900 baht and you also need buy your IDC Crewpak materialsc which are 20,500 baht and then pay PADI directly for your Instructor Exam and Instructor membership fee.

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