Recreational diving courses on Koh TaoD1 Recreational Dive course


Recreational dive courses cater for people who enjoy diving for the purpose of leisure and enjoyment. The term "recreational" is also used in some diving communities to distinguish between "technical" diving which pushes the boundaries of diving beyond the limits of recreational diving & requires greater experience & training.

Recreational diving was born through a combination of snorkelling & underwater hunting and is now a popular leisure activity especially in tropical & sub tropical parts of the world. Here on Koh Tao it is a huge industry and accounts for the majority of tourists who visit. Great visibility and water temperatures of around 28 degrees make Koh Tao an ideal environment to learn to dive. Marine life is abundant and easy spot from the surface down to the seabed. It is an amazing visual experience, regardless of whether you are snorkelling or diving at 30 metres around a wreck or pinnacle. With it's large number of dive sites Koh Tao caters for all levels of diving ability. At DJL we run internship programmes that teach students the required recreational dive courses followed by professional courses such as divemaster and diving instructor training.

There are a wide variety of recreational dive courses available including a number of speciality courses. Customers who have never tried scuba diving can start with the PADI Open Water Course, followed by the Advanced Open Water course. As you progress through the certifications you will be able to train in EFR & Rescue diving. Or if you want to choose a speciality course you will have the opportunity to explore wrecks, dive with Nitrox or use a DPV (Driver Propulsion Vehicle). Have a look at our speciality courses page & drop down menu to see the full range of courses on offer.

Whichever courses you choose to take it will always involve having plenty of fun!