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 Dive Shop Operations course on Koh Tao Thailand

Course cost - 20000 thb.

Course duration - 1 week.

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Are you someone who wants to learn more about the equipment your dive centre operates with and also gain skills which will give you more employment options in diving? The Dive Shop Operations course will give you essential skills in both these areas.

If you are thinking about getting into dive school management or would consider working in remote locations such as on liveaboards then this course is ideal for you. It's also a great starting point for anyone wanting to go on to manufacturers training courses.

The Dive Shop Operations course focuses on:

  • Compressor operation, encompassing theory and practical experience. Using the popular Bauer and Coltri Sub compressor systems the course will include tank filling, filter packing, oil changes etc.
  • Gas blending, this involves theory and practical experience blending nitrox and trimix. In addition the section will also cover system design and oxygen service.
  • Equipment, students will be given hands on experience trouble shooting and servicing a range of scuba regulators, bcd and tank valves. In addition there will be a comprehensive overview of scuba tank visual and hydrostatic testing procedures.

This course is ideal for students who don't have experience of servicing and maintaining diving equipment. Upon completion of this course you will gain the following certifications:

  • BSAC Compressor operator
  • PADI Gas blender
  • PADI Equipment specialist

Secure your booking with a 10% deposit today.

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